Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dirt bike/drum set

I am looking for a used dirt bike 200-250 (size) for my son, if anyone has one to sell, please call me and we would like to come look at it.

I am also looking for a used, beginner drum set if anyone has one to sell.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Announcement...Sports Night

Sports Night...starting thursday Jan. 8th, 2009 There will be a group of women playing various sports on thurs. nights at 8pm at the Stockton church. We will be playing a lot of basketball, some volleyball, indoor soccer and perhaps other sports if there is an interest!

Please come join us, anyone is invited regardless of where you live...we are really trying to keep it to women but if there aren't enough people to play in the future we may open it to men. Teens are welcome too. Come and let's get some excercise!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shark or Elmo costumes?

I was wondering if anyone has any Halloween costumes they would like to sell or let me borrow. I am looking for an Elmo (18 mo.) and a Shark (4T - 5T). Misty P.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


If anyone is interested in a kitten please please call JaNae 843-1101 I really need to get of them.
They were born July 6

Inflatable Bounce House

I am selling our Commercial Inflatable Bounce house for $1000.00 OBO. If anyone is interested or now someone give JaNae a call 843-1101 It is fun to have at family parties, it keeps the kids entertained. I have noticed in the newspapers that people are renting this type of thing for $100-$250 a day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ab Lounge/Fire Place Insert

Ab Lounge (gently used, lol) $50.00
Large Fire Place Insert, brushed nickle trim, Napoleon brand, $500.00. I can email pictures if anyone is interested or they can stop by to see it, it is in my basement. Most of us already have our heating devices, but if you know of anyone building or a builder that could use it, pass it along. Thanks. Tammy 830-2104.

South Rim Classified Instructions, if they make any sense.

I was talking to Janae today and mentioned to her that I had a couple of things I was wanting to sell, and "if you know anyone interested" type of thing. She then let me know something she had that she was wanting to sell to, "if I knew anyone". So, tonight, while I was watching the new CSI New York, I had a thought. We had talked about doing a community yard sale, but why not a community "classifieds" blog? This would be for any South Rim resident that had item(s) for sale, for free, items you are in need of, lost, found, kittens, puppies, whatever. I would like to keep it with us out here, as far as the password and actually blogging is concerned. Should you have a friend/family member out of the area that wanted to put something on, that's fine, although, you, as a South Rim resident, would need to do it for them. I will monitor and make sure nothing inappropriate gets on and if it does, I will remove it. But, I don't think that will happen. You can put a small picture with your description if you'd like. Make sure you title your blog entry with the items, so that they will list in the history, if they don't sell and are still available. Kind of like an index. When they sell, they will need to be marked as such. Also, make sure you put a phone number. Hopefully this will be fun and we can give our friends and family the website and it will get the word out, and we can get rid of the "stuff" we don't need anymore. Tammy.