Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We could really use some egg cartons!

We really need extra egg cartons for our eggs. I'm going to put a box outside my front door, so if you're going to throw out your cartons, we'll happily reuse them for you. We'd really, really appreciate it. We especially need dozen, 18, and 24-egg cartons, but we can use some flats too. You can call us at 578-8051 or e-mail bartholomew@wirelessbeehive.com if you'd prefer to have us pick the cartons up.

The Bartholomews

Monday, April 6, 2009

Eggs For Sale

We're selling farm-fresh eggs! They're $1 dozen, and please limit your requests to 1 dozen at a time as we're not sure how many eggs we're going to have on hand on any given day to sell. We just know we don't want to stockpile eggs. We're can't guarantee eggs will be available on the day you request them, but we'll try. Call Jill at 578-8051 or e-mail bartholomew@wirelessbeehive.com.

The Bartholomews