Monday, December 14, 2009

Beautiful Mare & Gelding
$1500 for the pair - Will deliver
Experienced in team penning with cows & hunting.
They have all of their shots and have new shoe's.
Contact Talena Piantes for info at or 435-849-1991

Guard Rail around the lake

A huge thanks to all of those who helped us out of our car situation sunday morning; I really appreciate people who are willing to set aside their fears to help someone in need...especially when that someone is me and my family. We recognize that it was only through a miracle from Heavenly Father that we did not roll into the lake bed.
Now we are on a mission to not let this happen to anyone else. I have contacted the county and voiced my concerns to Rod Thompson (, Director of the roads department, He has assured me that he will have people out to look at the situation as soon as Dec. 15. I want to ensure this stays on his mind until the problem is solved so I'm asking you to email or call him and voice your opinion. Here are the 3 specific things I am asking of him:
1. a guard rail be put up in the location we almost fell off (I'm sending him the exact location after I mile-mark it today)
2. Reflectors be placed around all corners so when there are white-out conditions people (especially those not familiar with the area) know where the road is going.
3. A sign be posted with this general message: "In case of hazardous road conditions call 843-3204 or 882-5600" I would like to see one posted near the Wheeler's house and one near the Raw Hide subdivision.

Thank You for your support in making us all safer, Christin Maher